An input feed is an RSS or Atom feed that this hub is watching. TagTeam will download and parse items automatically, and add tags, titles, content, and other metadata to its search index.

You can add new RSS or Atom feeds here if you own this hub. 

An input feed's change history is tracked as well, giving you the ability to see new and changed items over time.

A new item will automatically be included in a remixed feed if it matches the item sources used to create that remix.

RSS / Atom feed sources

  • Blogs! WordPress, blogger, livejournal, etc. Look for the "rss" or "feed" icons and copy that URL.
  • Wikis! Go to the "recent changes" page for any mediawiki installation and you can bring the changes into TagTeam.
  • Twitter! You can use the "old" twitter search interface to get RSS or Atom results. And example atom feed for the hashtag #tags looks like:
  • Delicious! Go to a delicious user or tag page and look for the "RSS" links.
  • Newspapers! Go to the site and look for the "RSS" link in the footer. Many other newspaper websites have RSS feeds.