Should we be wary of the role of scientific publishers in Open Science?

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Abstract: We wish to express our concern for the role of for-profit scientificpublishers in understanding and appropriating what “Open Science” means. This role can be characterised as opportunistic, and has led to an interpretation that can cause considerable confusion when we identify Open Science with Open Access and Open Access with"paying for publishing”. This simplistic approach to what Open Science entails has led to poor quality publications, hindering the improvement of researchers' practices and culture. We discuss and clarify issues, identifying “false friends”, misunderstandings and misleading interpretations of Open Science. A superficial interpretation, sometimes driven by vested interests or simply due to the proliferation of bad practices, leads to unethical behaviour or simply opportunism, in the ‘publish and perish’ context where Open Science has developed. We then provide guidance on challenges and potential solutions for all stakeholders to increase rigour and credibility in science, through a genuine researcher perspective of Open Science.


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