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Abstract:  This issue formally launches Environmental Research: Energy, a new open-access interdisciplinary journal focused on energy systems as we grapple with the challenges and opportunities of decarbonization and advancing global social justice. As a society-owned journal in IOP's Environmental Research portfolio, Environmental Research: Energy joins a publishing tradition focused on accessibility, fairness, and excellence, with a crucial topical focus on energy systems. Supported by an interdisciplinary and global editorial board, Environmental Research: Energy welcomes and is committed to creating conditions conducive to multi- and interdisciplinary research, particularly given the deep connections across society, technology, and culture that characterize energy systems. Our inaugural issue highlights the journal's interest in both supply and demand side views of energy systems both adapting to and mitigating climate change across the world, and upcoming focus issues broaden and deepen our emphasis on multidisciplinary investigations into these crucial global issues. Thank you for your support!



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