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"The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has released its plan to create policies ensuring public access to articles and data resulting from its funded research, as required by the February 2013 White House directive.  The agency’s plan places a strong emphasis on building on its current technical infrastructure, as well as leveraging its well-established culture of data sharing. NOAA Plan for Articles: Establish NOAA Institutional Repository NOAA’s plan calls for the agency to establish an internal repository for its funded articles. The repository will be built using the 'Stacks' technology created by and currently in use by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which will act as the systems provider for the repository. The NOAA plan calls for all agency-funded intramural and extramural researchers to deposit final, accepted manuscripts into the agency’s repository upon acceptance in a peer-reviewed journal. Unlike many of the other agencies that have released plans to date, NOAA will also require its investigators to submit technical reports, data reports, and technical memoranda into the repository as well – significantly increasing the scope of the materials covered by the agency’s policy. NOAA will use the OSTP-suggested 12-month embargo period as its baseline. Like other agencies, it will provide stakeholders with a mechanism for petitioning the agency to change the embargo period. The plan indicates that requests must include evidence that outweighs the public benefit of having the embargo remain at one year. Given the interdisciplinary nature of its research, NOAA notes that it may also coordinate embargo period changes with other agencies or departments ..."


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