15 ways to convert subscribed journals to open access

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From Google Translate: "In August 2016, a report systematically summarizing how to convert academic journals operated by subscription fee income to open access (OA) by the Harvard Library Office for Scholarly Communication in Harvard University Library in the United States Has been released.

 The main objective of this report is to provide various scenarios of conversion to OA. Since the environmental conditions such as the subject field and financial situation vary from journal to journal, indicating many choices leads to individualized journals making informed decisions about conversion to OA . The breakdown of the scenario is that scenario of funds source is 10 for the paper processing cost (APC), and scenario with source other than APC is 5. For each scenario, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis was shown in addition to the four items "relevant publisher type", "preconditions", "related fields" and "purpose of conversion" , Making it easier to check deeply relevant scenarios for your case. A table in which these are summarized briefly is published on the research data publishing platform figshare, so please refer to it as appropriate. Below is a summary of each scenario...."



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