The International Society for Computational Biology and WikiProject Computational Biology: Celebrating Ten Years of Collaboration Towards Open Access

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"Open access to scientific information is a core principle of the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB). This principle is shared by the the Wikimedia Foundation, with its primary goal to collect, develop and disseminate free and open-access educational content. Consequently, ISCB has and continues to foster strong links with several Wikimedia projects, particularly Wikipedia. To this end, ISCB works closely with WikiProject Computational Biology (WCB), a group of around 130 editors overseeing Wikipedia articles relating to computational biology and bioinformatics. In 2017, WCB celebrates its 10th anniversary, having grown to cover more than 1,300 articles in the English Wikipedia. This article serves to acknowledge past ISCB-WCB collaborations, release the results of the 2016-17 ISCB Wikipedia competition, officially announce the 2017-18 competition, and explore exciting future directions, including the potential role of WCB in classroom education for computational biology..."


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