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"However, while scientific publication is in the middle of a transition from publication in traditional subscription-based journals to open access and general openness, the financial model is still based on the old subscription model, with payment of fees to the publishers. In addition to these license fees for reading, publishers have also begun to charge for online publication – known as an article processing charge (APC). This has led to coexisting models of both traditional and open access where universities not only pay for the license but also to make the research available through fees for open access, which has spurred a rapid increase of costs for both reading and publishing. As an example do Swedish researchers publish approximately 4 000 articles per year in journals belonging to one of the largest scientific publishers and spent around $ 1.3 million on article processing charges last year, on top of the $ 13.6 million that organizations spend on licensing fees for reading the content of this one publisher.

In order to take steps towards the national goal of immediate open access by 2026 set by the Swedish Government the license agreement with this publisher was not renewed this summer after 20 years of collaboration. The reason for this was that the demand from The National Library of Sweden of a sustainable transition to open access was not met by the publisher. Hence, as of 1 July 2018, Swedish researchers cannot reach journals belonging to this publisher which obviously make things harder. At the same time this fight has to be taken and other European nations have already cancelled or are considering termination. In some countries researchers now even refuse to act as reviewers or editorsfor articles belonging to journals owned by the publisher...."


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