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The DASH upgrade "provides a more robust operation, lessens the maintenance demands on Harvard Library Technical Services, improves the workflow for both library staff and depositors, and expands and strengthens repository metrics....

The Distributed DASH Deposit program, or D3, maintains three cohorts of helpers: depositors, catalogers, and licensers. In partnership with the OSC, these cohorts seek out and deposit works to DASH, enrich metadata, determine the license under which a work is distributed, and troubleshoot records within the workflow. In our previous DASH instance, a number of secondary systems and hacks were utilized to manage the complex traffic related to D3. The new DASH workflow isolates records within the workflow for each particular group, with tags that help direct a record to a particular cohort to resolve or move forward. This allows each cohort to see only the records and issues particular to them, eliminating the complexity and inefficiencies of the previous workflow. These workflow modifications, as well as the new ORCID API code, will be contributed back to the Dspace community by Atmire...."


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