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From Google's English: "Free access to specialized literature is of great scientific and financial importance to universities. Overall, around half of the technical papers in Germany are available under open access standards. Every second university today has or prepares a corresponding strategy. However, the differences by type of university are large. While every second state university has already established a university-wide strategy, only 15.8 percent of state universities of applied sciences have an open access strategy. At every second University of Applied Sciences, the introduction is currently not planned. Even less often is there an open access strategy at specialized and private universities....

The assessments of the relevance of Open Science methods differ significantly according to the type of institution. Open Access is a highly relevant topic for 76.9 percent of state-run universities. At universities of applied sciences, this is only 44.2 percent. The topic of open source is also more relevant for universities than for the other types of higher education institutions. ...

The methods of Open Science should find more application in German universities in the future. Of these, 85.2 percent of the rectors and presidents surveyed today are convinced. The main impulse should come from science and the universities themselves. Only one in ten university management sees the priority of politics as the duty to ensure the spread of open science...."


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