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"Today, a research publication is much more than a manuscript on a web site or in print. All scholarly publications represent a network of interconnected resources and information that are essential to the integrity, reusability, and value of that output for both scientific and societal uses. Often, the data, software, experimental protocols and physical samples connected to a publication provide additional and even greater value in their own right.

In the Earth, space, and environmental sciences, much data represent recordings of events or the state of the Earth or solar system in time and space that can never be repeated. Increasingly, these data, models, software, and samples provide essential societal, economic, and research benefits. Given these connections, we recognize that ensuring the quality, value, and integrity of the data and other resources connected to scholarly publications are essential.

Leading principles and practices have been developed over the past few years to meet these goals. Foremost among these are the FAIR Data Principles: that data should be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable not only for people, but also for machines. Under these principles, as a minimum, data must have unique and persistent identifiers and metadata appropriate to assist discovery and be cited in a form equivalent to other scholarly outputs. The data should be accessible through a standard, web-based protocol. Provenance information and a clear usage license must be provided such that the data are technically and semantically interoperable and can be reused with confidence and clarity. The data must also be well curated, persistently accessible, and linked securely to associated publications and other resources. Similar standards have emerged for information about authors, software, and samples...."


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