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"It was recognised that the problems facing research and researchers in the Global South are highly complex and multi-faceted, so a pragmatic and focused approach is needed to deliver change.  One measurable outcome of increased inclusivity and equality is the number of articles published in peer-reviewed journals (whether they are published in the North or the South), so this gave us a useful touchpoint throughout our discussions.   One stark statistic is that, in 2017, research publications from the top 10 countries in the world outnumbered those from the bottom 200 by 5 to 1!  (Source: Scopus)....

The three workshops generated a great deal of engagement and ideas, with some highly practical and achievable recommendations for further action.  A key question remains whether it is appropriate for the Global South simply to replicate the systems of research communication and evaluation which have existed for centuries in the North, or whether a completely new approach is needed, taking advantage of more recent developments in technology and publishing.

What was very clear from the discussions is that we need to move Research4Life beyond simply solving the problem of access to scholarly content and use it as a springboard to improve the skills of researchers to perform and communicate their own research activities on equal terms...."



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