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"At Sage Bionetworks, we think a lot about open science. Our organization was founded explicitly to use open practices to promote integration of large-scale data analytics into the life sciences. We were guided by a very specific definition of open science: the idea that scientific “teams of teams” working together on a growing commons of open data can unleash substantial increases in scientific throughput and capacity.

We have learned a lot over the past 10 years regarding best practices for successful application of open science in this context. We are curious to understand how our observations may overlap with those from others in the field. Is there a common set of guidelines that can help support the effective use of openness in the life sciences? On the flip side, is there a set of common mistakes that keep getting repeated? We quickly realized in our work, for example, that each project has a window of time where “openness” is optimally effective. Early in a project, openness can sometimes hinder creativity as people hold back on sharing ideas that are still immature...."



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