Access to Research Data: Addressing the Problem through Journal Data Sharing Policies

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Abstract:  There is a growing consensus in the broader research community, including libraries and other information repositories, that sharing of research data is vital both for transparency and possible reuse. Logically the sharing should be in the form of data held in suitable repositories which is linked to effective access points such as library catalogues. The journals in which the research appears have a central role in this process. The JoRD Project at Nottingham University investigated the current state of journal data sharing policies through a survey of sample titles, and explored the views and practices of stakeholders including the research community and its funders, publishers and editors. The project identified that although a percentage of journals did have a policy on data sharing, they were in a minority, and policies generally encouraged good practice rather than made it a firm requirement. Many of the policies examined had little to say on standardised formats for data, metadata, or the use of data repositories. If there is to be genuine data sharing, initiatives to encourage journals to set out policies that mandate sharing in well-specified and appropriate forms are essential.




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