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"At the moment in biomedical research [data sharing is] a hodgepodge. There are some broad policies across all of NIH for example, and there are policies that pertain to research funded by particular foundations, but there is no single policy. There are areas of biomedical research, such as genomics, that have a rich history and an active data sharing policy, and there are some particular initiatives, or projects that NIH is funding, that have requirements for data sharing, for example, the Human Connectome Project and the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative. But there is increasing interest across much of federal government in how to increase access to the results of research. For example, a memo came from the Office of Science and Technology Policy in February 2013 asking agencies that fund significant amounts of research for plans to increase access to both data and publications. In the not too distant future, in response to such policy initiatives, increasing technical capabilities to share, recognition of the importance of data sharing from the scientific perspective, and changes in the expectations and perspectives of society, we’re going to see a big increase in data sharing in biomedical research and other kinds of scientific research as well...."



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