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"We are pleased to announce the first results of an ongoing research project.

The overall project has two phases.  Phase One is to make a comprehensive list of scholarly societies worldwide that support gold OA for their own journals.  The journals might be full OA or hybrid OA, and the society's relationship to its journals might be that of owner, publisher, or partner with the publisher.  (For convenience, when we say below that a society "publishes" an OA journal, we'll mean that it has at least one of these relationships to it.)  The list includes the journals themselves, and associated data, as well as the societies. If we can find funding, Phase Two will survey the societies turned up in Phase One in order to learn details about their turn to OA, their business models, and the financial and academic consequences of their OA policies. The idea was to test the widespread impression that learned societies as such feel threatened by OA.  The impression isn't just a side-effect of hearing some society publishers publicly oppose OA; it's often deliberately cultivated by associations representing society publishers such as the ALPSP and the DC Principles Coalition.  A related goal was to learn business-level details from the OA-friendly societies in order to help other societies make the transition. Today we're releasing the provisional results of Phase One.  We've found 425 societies publishing 450 full OA journals, and 21 societies publishing 73 hybrid OA journals.  (Three societies publish both types of journal and are counted in each total; the list covers 468 societies altogether.) The full list is OA in an Excel spreadsheet under a Creative Commons Attribution license. ..."



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