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"Sustaining a balanced approach to multilingual scholarly communication also requires a healthy infrastructure for local language publishing. The social and cultural context of local language journals is unique: they cannot be replaced by publication channels produced in other countries, or by international mega-journals. In addition to communicating research results to local audiences, national journals also maintain local research communities. In some smaller countries, the market for local language publishing could be too small for commercial publishers to get involved. Therefore, national journals are often not-for-profit and published by research institutions or learned societies. They may not be able to transition to an open access publishing model without losing income from subscriptions and membership fees (Wise & Estelle, 2019). One way to enable open access publishing for national, local-language journals is to create a specific platform for hosting and maintaining the most important local journals, an example of which has been recently implemented in Norway (Sivertsen, 2018)...."




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