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"Food and nutritional security of the burgeoning population can only be met with the increased quality agricultural outputs which in-turn are the results of improved good agricultural practices, climate resilient varieties, investments, policies and a good  value chain management. Right from the seed sowing to marketing the production and consumption by the consumers, this value chain produces lots of data which, when used would help in the generation of knowledge to be used in the better management of agricultural value chains to meet the food and nutritional security.

Understanding the importance of the Open Data in general and in Agriculture and Nutrition in particular and making use of the openly available data would help us in taking timely informed decisions. However the as we know that there are several actors and players in the value chains who produce the data, there should be a collective and holistic approach of all the actors and players in collecting, sharing and consuming the data. The Governments, Public and Private Players together should form a consortium for the opening up of the data. With recent developments in the Open Data movement globally, now a days, we see that slowly governments are making available the data held by it to the public. However, it is the communities of practice and other private players are now showing interest and making all efforts to make the available data in Open formats for everyone to use, reuse and build applications. The smart phone applications (apps) are being developed by the communities or others which can use the data and visualize it for the development of knowledge maps. The GODAN is one such initiative on global front which has formed for open data in agriculture and nutrition. Other projects include agINFRA and Research Data Alliance‘s wheat data working group. In India, DataMeet is working for opening up the data and Open Access India is involved in the advocacy for Open Data...."



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