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"Latin america It is one of the world’s most advanced areas of open science and this is due to the “need” of its experts to continue a long tradition of research with low resources to develop it....

Cielo Networks and Latindex or the Clacso Foundation (Latin American Council for the Social Sciences), promoted by UNESCO itself, are examples of shared spaces accessible to the public and open to content that are a milestone in the collaborative sciences of the region.

As Anlló himself notes, the recognition of the region can be seen in the fact that Fernanda Beagle chairs the International Advisory Committee on Open Science of UNESCO, which consists of four other representatives from Latin American countries: from Brazil and Uruguay, Venezuela and Colombia.

Open science, according to the expert, “must break certain standards of traditional scientific culture,” such as biased “peer reviews” or publications in “big science publishers,” which are “the best private legal businesses in the world, with a net profit margin above 35%.” “, as well as openness to the agenda of social demands...."



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