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"FAIRsFAIR has published the “CoreTrustSeal+FAIRenabling, Capability and Maturity Report”, an updated version of the previous CoreTrustSeal+FAIR Overview and the Draft Maturity Model Based on Extensions and-or Additions to CoreTrustSeal Requirements, both published in August 2020. The report was written for data repositories and received feedback from CoreTrustSeal Board. It presents updates to the FAIRsFAIR alignment of CoreTrustSeal with repository characteristics that enable FAIR data. Though many of the CoreTrustSeal Requirements contribute to enabling FAIR data, each FAIR Principle is aligned with a single CoreTrustSeal Requirement to streamline the preparation of self-assessment statements and supporting evidence. In this text each “Requirement to Principle” mapping is presented alongside the current iteration of RDA FAIR  Data  Indicators  and  the  current  FAIR  tests  as  implemented  by  the  F-UJI  tool.  Together these provide all the context necessary for a repository to self-assess as a CoreTrustSeal TDR that enables FAIR data.

Your comments and suggestions regarding the current version will help us produce the most helpful report possible so please use the link below to access the report as a Google doc and insert your feedback directly...."



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