Why moving to diamond open access will not only save money, but also help to protect privacy – Walled Culture

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"First, the routine assignment of copyright by academics to publishers like Elsevier is creating highly profitable businesses. Moreover, those profits allow big companies to become even bigger, notably by buying up smaller companies, to create what is effectively an oligopoly.

Secondly, the extent to which academic publishers control the dissemination of research, and increasingly are embedded in many other aspects of the academic world, means that they have a unique opportunity to gather, collate and exploit huge quantities of personal data.

A move to open access publishing on its own won’t address those problems. Academic publishers have proved adroit at subverting the original open access movement so as to cement their position as knowledge gatekeepers. The only way to stop this excessive profit-taking, and to cut the academic publishers down to size, is to move to diamond open access publishing, discussed on Walled Culture a few months back. An additional benefit is that doing so will help to reduce the constant surveillance and loss of privacy that the current academic publishing model is starting to put at its heart...."



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