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"It takes 270 psychologists, 100 study findings, and four years to start a replication crisis. Or at least these were the ingredients of the Reproducibility Project: Psychology, published in 2015. This project responded to widespread concerns that many psychological findings might be false-positives and that the reported effects therefore do not actually exist. The goal of the Reproducibility Project was to test whether these concerns were well-founded by estimating the replicability of psychological science....

A more positive view of the Reproducibility Project and its findings has developed over recent years. Many scholars believe that the Reproducibility Project and similar efforts led researchers to finally acknowledge that there was a problem. These replication efforts sparked a transformation of psychological science towards more openness and transparency. For example, many researchers now preregister their studies and make their data and materials publicly available. Consequently, some scholars argue that psychological research is now more credible and productive than ever...."


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