How the OA Switchboard fits into the ecosystem (PART 2/THE INSTITUTION)

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"Following on from our previous post, here we focus specifically on the relevance of the OA Switchboard to the stakeholder group ‘institutions’.

​What institutions gain by partnering with the OA Switchboard

Institutions receive publication metadata from publishers in different ways (that also often change) which leads to complex technical integrations and increased manual handling. The OA Switchboard ‘message hub’ simplifies the sharing of information, and delivers data quickly and clearly.

What’s in it for institutions?

  1. Two use cases:

    • Reporting Made Easy

    • Matching Publication Costs with Publication Funds

  2. Consistent data format from multiple publishers

  3. Reduce (manual) efforts and increase efficiency

  4. Because it's the right thing to do...


For the ‘reporting made easy’ use case this means:

  • Structured data (Excel or JSON) and a standardised protocol providing data in a consistent format across publishers. Support the ease of integration with your systems.

  • Authoritative data from source, leveraged with persistent identifiers (PID’s) e.g. DOI’s, ORCID and ROR id’s.

  • Notifications are pushed instantaneously upon publication, via one API, across multiple publishers.

  • A safe space for publication metadata: independently managed, shared infrastructure that allows for the transparent exchange of data...."


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