How to move open science from the periphery to the centre

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"There have been a number of projects, primarily with a bottom-up approach, designed to promote the importance of open science among the academic sector and to increase public understanding of open science. The Association of Vietnam’s Universities and Colleges (AVUC) was one of the first organisations to actively promote open science and open education. Over the past 10 years, a team of open science and education experts at AVUC led by Le Trung Nghia has held over 100 training workshops and seminars to teach junior faculty members and librarians about the global movement toward open science and education and how to take advantage of it. At the moment, AVUC is in charge of a website that focuses on sharing and promoting open science and open education to the wider community. Another high-profile initiative is a research group at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Social Research at Phenikaa University in Hanoi, which has launched an open database on Vietnam’s social scientists for public use...."


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