The State of Journal Production and Access 2022: Report on survey of independent academic publishers

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"Among the main findings on the topic of journal production were: • Compared to 2020, there was apparent growth in journals producing HTML articles. • Full-text XML article production remained flat since 2020 (38% in 2020 and 2022). • 50%+ respondents included ORCIDs and DOIs in metadata, but other PIDs like author/ contributor roles, funder IDs, and organizational IDs had lower adoption rates. That said, some PIDs increased across the two surveys, including Funder ID (20% in 2022 versus 16% in 2020) and CRediT (22% in 2022 versus 16% in 2020). • Most respondents said PDF and HTML are the most important article formats for their readers, as well as reaching publishing program goals. • When asked to rate their publishers’ primary production goals, most respondents chose "journal/article search engine optimization" (86% reported that this was “very" or “somewhat" important). Among the main findings on the topic of journal access were: • 95% of respondents said at least one of their publisher's journals offered OA options. • 80% of respondents said their organization utilizes fully-OA publishing models. • When asked to rate their publishers' primary funding/revenue priorities, most respondents chose "identifying viable funding model(s) for publishing one or more fully-OA journals" (68% reported it's "very" or "somewhat" important). • Institutional subsidies and grants were seen as having the highest OA funding potential..."


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