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Abstract:  Photovoltaic (PV) energy generation plays a crucial role in the energy transition. Small-scale, rooftop PV installations are deployed at an unprecedented pace, and their safe integration into the grid requires up-to-date, high-quality information. Overhead imagery is increasingly being used to improve the knowledge of rooftop PV installations with machine learning models capable of automatically mapping these installations. However, these models cannot be reliably transferred from one region or imagery source to another without incurring a decrease in accuracy. To address this issue, known as distribution shift, and foster the development of PV array mapping pipelines, we propose a dataset containing aerial images, segmentation masks, and installation metadata (i.e., technical characteristics). We provide installation metadata for more than 28000 installations. We supply ground truth segmentation masks for 13000 installations, including 7000 with annotations for two different image providers. Finally, we provide installation metadata that matches the annotation for more than 8000 installations. Dataset applications include end-to-end PV registry construction, robust PV installations mapping, and analysis of crowdsourced datasets.




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