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"As organizers of the STI 2023 conference, we introduce two open science experiments: We adopt a new publication and peer review process and we invite authors of conference contributions to reflect on their open science practices.

The adoption of open science practices has become a prominent topic of study for the science studies community. However, the research practices of the community itself are still quite traditional. While open access publishing, preprinting, open peer review, open data sharing, and other open science practices are gradually becoming more common in the science studies community, the adoption of these practices is still at a relatively low level.

Given the community’s deep understanding of the research system, we think we should be able to do a better job. As organizers of this year’s Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators conference (STI 2023), we therefore introduce two open science experiments: We adopt a new publication and peer review process, fully aligned with state-of-the-art open science practices, and we invite authors of contributions submitted to the conference to reflect on their own open science practices...."



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