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"A week or so ago I mentioned that the European Council had adopted a text that calls for the EU Commission and Member States to support policies towards a scholarly publishing model that is not-for-profit, open access and multi-format, with no costs for authors or readers. The journal Nature has responded to the news with a piece entitled EU council’s ‘no pay’ publishing model draws mixed response and the lede: Some academics have welcomed the proposed open access plans. But publishing industry representatives warn they are unrealistic and lack detail. It’s not really accurate to describe the response as mixed as it is completely separated: the vested interests in the academic publishing industry are against it and everyone else is for it! It’s hardly surprising to see Nature (owned by academic publishing company Springer Nature). I found this in the text of the Nature piece: The conclusions are concerning because they support a move that would abolish an industry Caroline Sutton, the chief executive of the STM (a membership organization of academic publishers) Indeed, though I would argue that what the proposals would abolish is not so much an industry as a racket..."



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