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“Having institutional identifiers in there, it’s part of the puzzle. And it’s an important part of the puzzle. But there are limits to data analysis. Data analysis has got to help people to do the investigation – not try to do it for them.”

“If we’re talking about misconduct, then you might need to be able to contact the institution that the author is from. On an individual manuscript, it doesn’t matter if there’s no identifier – an address will do. But if you find some signal that is on manuscripts at scale, and you’ve got thousands of them, well, you need an identifier. You can’t go through them and try and search for every single one of those institutions.”

“Having nice, clean, big, open datasets like this is really valuable, especially for a problem like this one, a problem which does require taking a big step back and looking at all of the data together, and not having barriers in the way of getting parts of it.”


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