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"Access to raw scientific data enhances understanding, enables replication and reanalysis, and increases trust in published research.  The vitality and utility of research data has made Open Data a central tenet of Open Science, second only to publishing under an Open Access license. For that reason, governments, funders, and publishers increasingly recommend or even require data sharing, and readers have come to view Open Data as a hallmark of quality research.  Purpose-built data repositories are the most effective, stable, and discoverable way to share research data—which means more attention and impact for research. In fact, articles that link to data in a repository have a 25% higher citation rate than articles that do not share data, or share only in Supporting Information files. Repositories also make it easier to claim academic credit for data collection and curation, by assigning a unique identifier, like a DOI, and enabling authors to link their ORCID...."


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