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"Bonfire is building a modular framework for federated social applications, including microblogging, task management, or AI-assisted content moderation. Within Bonfire, different plugins could be created for purposes like research collaboration, pre-print publishing and peer-review. Additionally, a clear and verifiable recognition and verification system could support the creation of a federated open-science ecosystem....

One researcher shares a pre-print of her latest paper on Bonfire. The system immediately imports the document's metadata, generates a DOI, and displays it in a clean, easy-to-read format. A built-in PDF viewer allows her colleagues to read the paper instantly.

The paper is available as a thread now in Bonfire, where fellow researchers - depending on what permissions were granted - can easily leave comments, ask questions, or suggest edits; turning the conventional, closed-door review process into an open and collaborative journey. A group of fellow scientists from a trusted instance can assign badges to posts, facilitating a more organized peer-review process. The paper at the end of the review, will be shared in one or several Groups, which act as federated open scientific journals.

Throughout the day, scientists use Bonfire to coordinate their work, share new findings with a broader audience, and engage in meaningful discussions. The platform not only enhances their individual productivity but also blurs the lines between academia and open communities, building bridges for knowledge and participation to traverse freely and seamlessly...."


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