Harvard rejoint les universitaires pour un boycott des éditeurs

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From Google's English: "The Harvard University in Boston, has joined the fight. It may well be the second non-profit institution the richest in the world, its collection of academic journals leaden as its accounts. The subscription prices for academic publishers him an average annual cost of $ 3.75 million. A note posted on its website and sent to its 2,100 professors and researchers, encouraging them to make available, free, online their research . According to this, increasing their profits - 36% in 2010 to Elsevier for an income of $ 3.2 billion - the largest publishers cause an "unbearable situation" in universities by creating a shared "financially unviable" and "academically restrictive" . Prices for access to online articles from two of the largest publishers have increased by 145% over the last six years, some journals costing nearly 40,000 dollars, the equivalent of one year of schooling. According to that note again, subscriptions are so high that eventually it "will seriously counter the efforts of the scientific collections in many areas " . Libraries are they, invited to make contracts more transparent. For now, they prevent universities from making public the charges they pay to some publishers...."



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