Taking Digital Transformation to the Next Level: The Contribution of the DFG to an Innovative Information Infrastructure for Research

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"Grants awarded under the Electronic Publications Programme will continue to focus on establishing open access as a publishing model. Preference should be given to the “gold road” to open access, i.e. the quality-controlled initial publication of scientific articles in an electronic medium that uses an open-access business model. It permits open-access provision of digital objects under legally protected conditions that also enable the comprehensive reuse of publications. Legal uncertainty has been seen as a significant obstacle in following the classic “green road”, which entails the additional provision of a copy of a subscription publication....Conversion of subscription journals to open access. The conversion of publication practices to the gold road of open access will result in organisational changes at universities and research institutes. Some of the resources for the purchase of scholarly literature and information will have to be shifted in order to set up publication funds. The DFG is aware that this change will impose an additional financial burden as long as journal subscription and licensing costs continue to coexist. To allow gradual reduction of these additional expenses, funding will not primarily encourage the inception of new open-access journals but rather provide targeted incentives for converting prestigious journals that are currently subscriptionbased into open-access publications....Hybrid models and national open-access licensing. As the system transitions, the transparency of hybrid open-access publishing models, and thus the cost correlation between subscription contracts and open-access publication fees, must be analysed carefully and transparently in pilot projects. Project processes and results should be documented accurately for the scientific community in order to make successful models for converting publishing practices available as best practices. In addition, the DFG will combine its support for the national licensing of electronic journals with funding for open access in order to move existing approaches and models into the direction of national open-access licensing....Monographs in open access. Depending on the respective scientific communities, open access will spread at different speeds and with different emphases. Transformation processes will therefore have to be organised jointly with the respective research communities. Different scientific disciplines prefer different publication formats. In order to ensure that open access will also benefit book-oriented disciplines, targeted support will go to projects that develop and test suitable models for access to monographic publications free of charge...."



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