Mit Freien Lizenzen auf Wolke Sieben

Connotea Imports 2012-07-31


From Google's English: "In May 2009, I [Mathias Schindler] have a request to the operator of the database of the German Center for Aerospace made [Deutschen Zentrums für Luft- und Raumfahrt] (DLR), in which I talk about using a Creative Commons license for the DLR images requested. A day later, a positive answer email and got a few days later I took part in a conference call with representatives of the DLR. We talked about licenses, images, visibility of content and how prominently the NASA footage thanks to the very generous licensing policies of the U.S. Government is represented on Wikipedia. Since then, there were occasional exchanges of the state in the license issue and I am now a very great pleasure to a blog post of the DLR link to where the new and already implemented licensing policy declared imagery. DLR says there in great detail the individual steps in the legal practice and testing of the release of the steps in the re-labeling of published images...."


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