The Tree of Life: YHGTBFKM: Ecological Society of America letter regarding #OpenAccess is disturbing

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"Wow -- I am really disturbed by the letter the Ecological Society of America (ESA) has written to the White House OSTP in regard to Open Access publishing...."Publishers such as ESA have a long record of reporting, analyzing and interpreting federally funded research" OMG - seriously? Apparently ESA is doing the analyzing and reporting and interpreting. Not the scientists writing the papers. But the publisher. Seriously. This is completely ridiculous...."It is not appropriate for the federal government to expropriate the additional value publishers add to research results. " They can't be serious. This is not expropriation in any way. This is the trying to guarantee that research taxpayers have paid for - that is done by scientists that taxpayers pay the salaries of - is not then published in a way that forces the taxpayers to pay for it again....ESA is saying "Taxpayers - we want your money -but you are too stupid to understand what we are doing with it." ..."


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