Living With a Star and Heliophysics Data Environment

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"Principles: Scientific involvement; Open access to useful data. The basic principles for the HP [Heliophysics} Data Environment are the involvement of scientists in each stage of the process, and the acceptance of the goal of openly accessible data that are independently scientifically usable. While the HPDE is guided by a "top-down" vision provided by the Data Policy, it is implemented from the bottom up, built from peer-reviewed data systems driven by community needs and founded on community-based standards. Consistent with this approach, data providers and data users share responsibility for the quality and proper use of the data for research. The principles of the HPDE [Heliophysics Data Environment] are consistent with those advocated by the Electronic Geophysical Year (2007-2008). The eGY, on the 50th anniversary of the IGY, provides an opportunity for the international geoscientific community to focus effort on open access to data, data preservation, data discovery, data rescue, capacity building, and outreach. The development of Virtual Observatories is a central feature of eGY, and thus the HPDE is coordinating efforts with the eGY...."


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