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Connotea Imports 2012-07-31


"The aim of BiO [Biology Open] is to publish good‐quality, sound research, without attempting to judge impact or novelty. It will be up to the scientific community to decide, after publication, on the importance of each paper. PLoS One and other similar journals have already led the way with this model and have shown that it works: sound articles that add to a scientific story, rather than changing it, are widely read by scientists who follow that story....Although other new journals are currently being launched based on the PLoS One model (or variations of it), the ethos at BiO will reflect the ethos of the Company of Biologists — a not‐for‐profit publisher with a long history of funding a wide range of charitable activities that support the community of scientists in the areas covered by its journals. The Company has promoted open‐access publishing, and its two newest journals, Disease Models & Mechanisms and now BiO, are fully open access...."


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