NASA, Earth Venture 1 Data Management Plan (June 22, 2011)

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"The DISCOVER-AQ (Deriving Information on Surface Conditions from Column and Vertically Resolved Observations Relevant to Air Quality) project will focus squarely on NASA's goals to study the Earth from space to increase fundamental understanding and to enable the application of satellite data for societal benefit....An equally important goal of this plan is to provide timely public access to the data archive and to promote broader scientific use of the DISCOVER-AQ data in addressing issues related to satellite observations and air quality... To comply with the NASA data policy, the DISCOVER-AQ measurement Co-Is [co-investigators] will be required to archive or reference sufficient documentation for each of the funded measurements at LaRC ASDC. The primary goals of the documentation requirement are: 1) to maintain data reprocessing capability, 2) to maintain transparency of the data processing, and 3) to facilitate users’ understanding and use of data...."


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