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From Google's English: "For several years the Conference of Italian University Rectors [CRUI] has recognized the importance of full and open access to information and data of general interest to the research and scientific education, networking support for the free dissemination of research results in Italian universities and research centers....The group Open Access has been working to the development of guidelines, not only within the academic community to spread awareness of the benefits of open access publishing, but also, and I would say above all, to provide timely information on best practices open access, ie on how the creation and management of open archives, on the types of materials that should be subject to storage and realization of electronic journals that are fully interoperable with the open archives....The implementation of the so-called Law Gelmini and the consequent need to revise the Statutes of the University to represent the Italian universities an opportunity to bring open access to scientific literature of the general principles, considered "the fundamental importance of the universalisation scientific knowledge plays in economic and cultural growth of society, as stated in the Declaration of Messina....All Italian universities funded under the Pilot Project on Open Access for the Seventh Framework Programme will therefore be required to provide a digital copy of the articles published in peer-reviewed journals be deposited and made available to open access after an embargo between 6 to 12 months in the archive or institution, if the university if it were still lacking in a repository made available by Open at the CERN in Geneva....It would therefore be desirable that the Italian universities, referring to the Berlin Declaration and the recommendations of the European University Association, and European Research Council, proceed to give effect to the principles of open access with special regulations, which governs a complex matter that falls at the crossroads of different legal disciplines: those related to intellectual property legislation on confidentiality and data protection, to invest, ultimately, legislation on protection, access and cultural heritage. The group of the Open Access CRUI, after a long and detailed discussion, which provided valuable input First Roberto Caso, Rosa Maiello, Mauro Guerrini, Antonella De Robbio and Alberto Sdralevich, arrived to make the following statutory draft article, divided into two paragraphs, which the universities, in their full autonomy, if they deem it, may take as: 1. *** The University adopts the principles of full and open access to scientific literature and promotes the free dissemination of research results in network produced in university, to ensure the widest possible dissemination. 2. The university, with a special regulation [to be issued within one hundred eighty days after the entry into force of this Statute], raises the discipline aimed to implement fully and openly with the principles of access to data and products of scientific research, encouraging the deposit institutional archive and communication to the public, in compliance with laws relating to intellectual property, confidentiality and protection of personal data and protection, access and exploitation of cultural heritage...."


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