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"Over the last year, all the members of Genomes Unzipped have had genome scans performed by personal genomics company 23andMe....From today, we’ll be making all of our raw genetic data and the reports generated from these tests freely available online. As the project proceeds, we aim to obtain data from an ever larger array of tests – ultimately extending to whole-genome sequencing – and release it openly. Right now you can freely download the 23andMe data from everyone in the project from this website. Over the next few weeks, each of the members will be writing about their own experiences with genetic testing, and what they’ve learnt from their own genetic data. We’ll be discussing analyses we’ve performed on our own raw data, using software written both by group members and other collaborators; and we’ll be releasing the code for that software in our new code repository. We’ll also be talking about the process of deciding to release our genetic data publicly, and how we discussed this decision with our families....As we discussed the notion of a group of experts analysing their own genomes, one thing rapidly became clear: for maximum public benefit the analyses had to be open and reproducible, and that meant making the underlying data public. In other words, for this to work, members of the group had to be ready to spill their genetic secrets to the world...."




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