The NEAT Archive - A Photometrically Accurate Data Set

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Abstract: Since the earliest photographic plate collections, astronomical research has benefited from archival data sets. During its twelve years of observations, the Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT) project at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory was one of the prime NEO search programs supported by NASA discovering over 440 NEAs. Recently, funding has been provided to restore, archive and prepare the NEAT data for public access into the NASA Planetary Data System (PDS). This massive archive will include all calibration tools to produce photometrically accurate images suitable for a variety of scientific investigations. In addition, we shall discuss our scientific research projects with the NEAT archive. These projects will validate the archive and consist of characterization of centaurs and mainbelt comets, the evolution of Pluto's surface brightness variations and contemporaneous observations of Spitzer Space Telescope targets. The research described here was carried out in part by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory/California Institute of Technology, under contract with NASA.


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