Cosmos not doing it for you? Maybe try I F*cking Love Science

Ars Technica » Scientific Method 2014-03-10

"I Fucking Love Science" is an impressive Internet phenomenon. It started as a Facebook account, where one woman (Elise Andrew) simply posted anything that impressed or amazed her about science. From there, it has grown into its own website, which features a number of additional writers. And, as of yesterday, it will be coming to TV.

The future host of the show is comedian Craig Ferguson, currently host of The Late Late Show on CBS. Ferguson announced the new project via a video shown at SXSW. The program will be appearing on the Science Channel (naturally).

Ferguson, like Stephen Colbert, has been using his talk show to dive into science topics that might otherwise not reach broad audiences. For just one example, he interviewed author Jennifer Ouellette about her book The Calculus Diaries, a topic that rarely pops up on the major networks. As such, he's a natural choice for the show.

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