The Importance of Repository EC- (OpenAire) and RCUK-Compliance Tags for Mandate Compliance Verification

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The EC's and RCUK's mandates have to be integrated with institutional mandates so as to implement the following 8 shared conditions: (1) *immediate-deposit* (even if access to the deposit is allowed to be embargoed): (2) of the *final peer-reviewed draft* (3) on the *date of acceptance* by the journal (which is marked by a verifiable calendar date-stamp) (4) and the immediate-deposit must be directly in the *author's own institutional repository* (not institution-externally -- central repositories can harvest from IRs) (5) so that immediate-deposit can be *monitored and verified by the author's institution* (regardless of whether the mandate is from a funder or the institution) (6) as a *funding compliance condition* and/or an *institutional employment condition* (7) and institutional repository must be designated as the *sole locus of deposit * for submitting publications for institutional performance evaluation, funder conditions and national research assessment. (8) Repository deposits must be monitored so as to generate *rich and visible metrics of usage and citation* so as to verify and reward authors' deposits as well as to showcase and archive the institution's and funder's research output and impact.



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