The 1994 "Subversive Proposal" at 15: A Response

Amsciforum 2012-07-31


Inchoate it was, in 1994, though the practical means to do it overnight (fingers) were already available in 1994. Since then, the OAI protocol and the IR software have made it a lot simpler and easier. But the keystrokes remain to be done. Thirty eight prima facie worries have kept fingers in a state of Zeno's Paralysis, despite all being answered, fully, many, many times over. Now it is time to mandate the keystrokes. That too could be done overnight, by the stroke of a Department Head's, DVC's or VC's pen, as Wendy Hall (Southampton), Tom Cochrane (QUT), and Bernard Rentier (Liege) have since shown. Will it be another 15 years before the remaining 10,000 universities and research institutions (or at least the top 1000) wield the mighty pen to unleash the even mightier keystrokes (as 68 Institutions and Departments, and 42 Funders have already done)? Or will we keep dithering about Gold OA, publishing reform, peer review reform, re-use rights, author addenda, preservation and the other 38 factors causing Zeno's Paralysis) for another decade and a half?



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