MAS.160 Signals, Systems and Information for Media Technology (MIT)

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This class teaches the fundamentals of signals and information theory with emphasis on modeling audio/visual messages and physiologically derived signals, and the human source or recipient. Topics include linear systems, difference equations, Z-transforms, sampling and sampling rate conversion, convolution, filtering, modulation, Fourier analysis, entropy, noise, and Shannon's fundamental theorems. Additional topics may include data compression, filter design, and feature detection. The undergraduate subject MAS.160 meets with the two half-semester graduate subjects MAS.510 and MAS.511, but assignments differ. Email this Article Add to Facebook Add to Twitter Add to digg Add to Google


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video audio digital media photography spectrum am information theory coding filter noise visual a/v digital audio digital video digitial photography spectrum plot amplitude modulation fourier series frequency modulation fm orthogonality walsh functions basis sets. sampling theorem aliasing reconstruction fft dft dtft z-transform iir frequency response filter response impulse response communications system communications theory communication channel error correction dsp signal processing digital signal processing


Picard, Rosalind W., Bove, V. Michael, Smithwick, Quinn

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