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"Agencies are on the right track when it comes to their open data initiatives, according to a former technology leader at the Homeland Security Department. Dan Katz, vice president of technology solutions at INADEV and a former web initiatives official at DHS, says 10 years ago GPS and climate data enabled a push forward in innovation that was inconceivable at the time. 'I really believe with the amount of data that's coming out now, and especially the process around it and some of the governance around that data, we're going to kind of have this second wave, this renaissance, of really innovative, really high-value solutions.' But in order to make that second push forward, agencies have to get on board, he says. It was a year ago that President Barack Obama launched the Open Data Policy along with an executive order mandating government data be as easily accessible and readable as possible. At the same time, the administration created Project Open Data—a free online platform providing agency developers a place to share resources. Currently, Katz says there's a wide variance between agencies regarding what kind of data they're releasing to the public, and how comfortable they are releasing it ..."


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