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"We are to present Open Undergrad Research Foundation (OpenURF). The foundation aims to build a community that fosters PI’s and their undergrad in order to promote Open Science and give the undergrads an upper-hand for their future of research. The main focus is collaboration with others giving and receiving feedback to/from peers and learning about the tools within Open Science and the scientific work flow. Even though it is summer, we want to get everything ready for the Fall term. We are seeking both PI’s, undergrad researchers, and those who are apart of the Open Science (Open Access/Data also) movement to help us to be ready. If you want to join in, please use the contact form below. Our wiki and forums are not up yet, but we will post a blog post when they are up. The usage of the wiki is to collect member profiles, project management, and other things. The member profiles will allow members of OpenURF to meet each other. OpenURF will have community projects and the wiki along with forum discussions will keep track of these projects. Community members are allowed to start projects also. The forums will also allow members to meet each other, get help on questions that they may have and give solutions ..."


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