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Pipedreams 2014-10-15


Whether on historic instruments in his homeland, a Catholic church in New Orleans, or in a Japanese concert hall, nothing quite satisfies like the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Program details:

J. S. BACH: Prelude & Fugue in C, BWV 547 –Peter Van de Velde(1749 Delhaye/Church of Our Lady, Melsele, Belgium) Unda Maris 20531.

BACH: Toccata in C, BWV 564 –Philipp Christ (1740 Köhler/Kreuzkirche, Suhl, Germany) Organ 7245.

BACH: Toccata in d, BWV 913 –Peter Schnur (2001 Metzler/St. Jakob Church, Friedberg, Germany) Chromart Classics 12008.

BACH: An Wasserflüssen Babylon, BWV 653 –William Kuhlman(1978 Sipe/Center for Faith and Life, Luther College, Decorah, IA) Luther College 2005.

ANTONIO VIVALDI (trans. BACH): Concerto in a, BWV 596–Maria Magdalena Kaczor (1997 Kern/Kitara Concert Hall, Saporo, Japan) Sapporo 015.

BACH: Wir glauben all’an enien Gott, Vater, BWV Anh.69 –Joan Lippincott (1984 Fritts-Richards/St. Alphonsus Church, Seattle, WA) PGM 115.


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