Starting an Open Access Journal: a step-by-step guide part 1

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“Introduction ... Scholarly publishing is totally broken. Not only, at present, can most of the people (taxpayers) who fund research not get access to it, but plans to fix this look set to screw over Early Career Researchers and anybody else who can’t persuade their funders to give them the up-front fees required by publishers for Open Access journals. There are other models. I have proposed that the university library could function as a re-invented university press. However, this guide is intended, over the course of as many parts as I need to be able to write this in manageable chunks, to signpost a third way. This guide is for academics who want to establish their own journals that are: [1] Peer reviewed, in a traditional pre-review model [2] Open Access and free in monetary terms for authors and readers [3] Preserved, safe and archived in the event of catastrophe or fold [4] Reputable: run by consensus of leaders in a field ...”



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