Refugees Fleeing Syria And EU Efforts To Cope With The Migrant Crisis - The Diane Rehm Show

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He has an app on his phone called Zello that acts as -- not to be confused with the real estate app Zillow -- but Zello, which operates as a walkie-talkie. And he has a channel that refugees can contact him on this channel and ask him, you know, can say, I'm at the Greek-Macedonian border and I can't -- I've tried to get in twice and the police have stopped me. And he will send them maps, annotated maps from Google Maps, showing with arrows how to get around -- like, which mountain to get on top of, how to come down the side of that mountain, how to get around the police. And he is sort of single-handedly guiding dozens, hundreds, thousands of refugees across some of these borders.


10:27:25 SCHMIDLE He posts updated maps every day showing the sea conditions between Greece and Turkey. It's a pretty profound role of social media sort of operating in ways that I just had no idea before I started the story.


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