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lterrat's bookmarks 2016-11-25


"Slow and steady. That’s how we’ve been improving Unglue.it, turning it into a better place to find free ebooks. A lot of that work has been invisible; our new APIs are being used by organizations like New York Public Library to offer ebooks that deliver value without draining acquisition budgets. We’ve also installed tools that ebook creators will be able to use to better understand how their ebooks are being used. We’ve improved our data model to support relationships between works. So for example, when Peter Suber’s book on Open Access is translated into another language, links between the works are displayed on the unglue.it page. Similarly, Richard Herley’s The Stone Arrow is linked to its sequel, The Flint Lord. And have you noticed that author names are clickable?"



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11/25/2016, 17:33

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